A Star is Born Film Review

Updated: Nov 7, 2018


You could say I was hype for this movie. I have not stopped listening to Shallow since it was released.

I saw the trailer for this film what seems like years ago now. At the beginning of the trailer this film seemed like something that I wouldn't care for usually but as the trailer went on and Shallow began to play, I got goosebumps everywhere. I've seen that trailer so many times now and every time I watch it the hairs on my arm stand up, I can't help it. I knew I had to watch this movie so of course I had to see it opening night.

I really adored this film and I truly believe it is special and worth the hype. I had small technical problems with it but overall this was a beautiful, emotional story that was told very carefully and with so much passion. Everyone seems to be talking about the acting for this film and it really was remarkable. Both Gaga and Bradley blew me away and completely became their characters. This was my favorite role I've ever seen Bradley do. He was the character in every aspect, it was a little tough to listen to his accent the whole time but you get used to it. Lady Gaga was obviously amazing, she is amazing in everything she does. Lady Gaga and Bradley's chemistry was very believable and just seemed to be so raw and fluid. I can't get over how beautiful their love story was and how wonderful they both were.

After watching the trailer you can guess how this story would play out. Alcoholic singer meets beautiful girl in a club, they fall in love and he makes her famous and they have some bumps in the road, some very big bumps. The end. This story is just so much more than the stereotypical, cliche plot line. The conversations are smooth and important. The tight close ups of their faces show how intimate and gritty this story is. The beautiful songs were performed with so much intensity and passion.

The only thing that distracted me from the story was the editing. The first half ish of the story felt more effective and clear then the last half. Once Lady Gaga's character started growing fame and Bradley's character got more and more troubled, the editing itself became very messy and confusing, kind of like their lives (even though I don't think that was the point). I loved the first half so much but as the story went on I found it harder to follow. For example, (SPOILER!) when Jack proposed to her at the kitchen table, it was all so quick and random by the time I comprehended everything the scene was over. This seemed to occur at a few different parts for me. The editing was choppy and it took me out of the film occasionally. I personally loved the cinematography and how close to everything it was. As I stated before, that made it feel more personal because we were all up in their faces, we saw the emotions and this led us to care immensely about them both. We could see the way they looked at each other and it felt like we were a part of the conversation.

I loved the story, don't get me wrong, but when Ally (Lady Gaga) gets more and more famous she clearly isn't writing the same personal, raw and beautiful songs that she was in the beginning of the film and she never seems to realize that or care. I had hoped the story would have her address that. Bradley clearly realizes that and cares but she is just so happy this realization never seems to reach her. It just seemed a little out of character to me but I understand that she's always dreamed of this fame and now that she had it she wasn't about to risk losing it.

All in all, I loved this movie and I'm so glad I saw it. I believe that the hype around the soundtrack and the acting is completely valid and the Oscar buzz is completely necessary. I'm rooting for them!!!! Go see this!!!!!!! Go listen to the soundtrack!!!!!!! I adored this film.


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