Alex Strangelove Film Review

I did not plan on writing a review for this film but I surprisingly found it to be so special and so adorable.

Of course, it was not perfect and it had its kinks but overall I enjoyed it and would recommend. For a Netflix coming of age, romance film I was genuinely shocked it was actually decent. Compared to another recent Netflix release, The Kissing Booth, this film blows that one right out of the ballpark. You sometimes can't go wrong with a cheesy coming of age, romance film and this one happened to be about a boy coming to terms with his sexuality. So obviously I absolutely loved that this film was a gay coming of age story because we 100000% do not have enough of this representation in mainstream media but the whole entire film sets him up to being bi and in the last few minutes he says that he is gay. I really can not think of any movie about a bi character. From the very beginning of the film, signs were pointing to him being bi and I know that sometimes closeted boys and girls can tell themselves they are bi because they don't want to admit to being gay which is what happened here I guess but I really thought he would be and that representation seems to be very ignored and under appreciated for no reason.

I can't say I enjoyed this more than a similar counterpart that came out this year, Love, Simon, (I feel like I have to mention Love, Simon I am sorry) but I feel they were both different and showed different perspectives on this story. Simon obviously knew in his heart he was gay but Alex was just confused and just did not want to admit it to himself. There were also no true villains in this film. In Love, Simon there was an obvious antagonist but in this film there was no one against him, no one who was there to ruin him just honestly himself. And that could not be more accurate to every teenager and every human. We are all our own best friends and worst enemies. Also, I liked Alex's friends a lot more than Simon's. I loved Dell, I feel like I shouldn't but I really loved him. He said some problematic things but all in all, he supported and loved his friend. I also loved Elliot and pretty much every single thing about Elliot was perfect. The characters were just adorable. They weren't that over the top and unrealistic even though of course they were a little bit I mean this is a cheesy teenage film, but they weren't annoying (to me at least) and they actually could blend comedy and being serious very well. They also all had such great chemistry. Alex and his friends, mostly Dell, had a real and supportive friendship while Claire and Alex also had a believable and beautiful connection.

One thing that made me a little upset was about how this film was all about losing his virginity and how they showed and handled that situation. Again, loved Dell, but him and Alex's other friends really did pressure him into having sex and even told him he wasn't a man or that he was gay if he didn't have sex with his girlfriend. I know that his friends were wannabe "cool" kids and that we are suppose to know what they are saying is outrageous and silly but it is just continuing the stereotype that losing our virginity is this humongous and important task you need to do quickly before you can be a "full" man or woman. Sex is not everything to some people and it should not be forced. If he didn't want to, he shouldn't have to lose his virginity especially since he was questioning his sexuality. I know the film slightly addressed this when Alex said he was mad how everyone is so obsessed with sex and all but I don't think it was addressed enough.

Now I did not have very high standards for a film such as this but I genuinely enjoyed myself during the film and I would honestly watch it again and again. I love coming of age films (most of the time) and this one felt genuine and having a teenage film about coming out and about being confused about your sexuality is important for others to see who are going through the exact same thing. Your story matters! Every coming out story is different and unique and they all are important and worth sharing.



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