BlacKkKlansman Film Review

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Going into BlacKkKlansman I knew it was going to be a lot. I knew I was going to walk away feeling heavier and even more pissed off at the world we were living in, this is a Spike Lee film we are talking about. But I didn’t expect the physical experience that occurred. For the films final moments, just to push the knife in further, a montage of footage from Charlottesville is shown from just one year ago. I felt myself getting nauseous and tears forming very quickly in my eyes. I’ve never felt that physical of a response from a film, typically I don’t cry in films but this film further opened my eyes to how messed up our world is not only back in the 70s, when this film was taken place, but today as well. I feel sick every time I think about it. Spike Lee definitely got his point across. The films final shot is an upside down flag that fades to be black and white. And that is pretty much the movie. We see two very extreme sides, “black power” and “white power”, and how segregated and two sided we are as a nation. Everything is upside down, we aren’t “united under one nation” like the flag is suppose to represent. Now of course, this use of the flag is very controversial (like football players kneeling for the national anthem) but that is what this film was showing, we aren’t united and we still aren’t today.

Now to the more technicalities of this film, I really loved it. Spike Lee has such a unique and wonderful print on all his films. The editing was so powerful and meaningful, nothing felt too long or quick. The comedic timing was great, yes this film was also very funny. Spike Lee mixed comedy and drama extremely well. I was laughing out loud at parts and crying at others, again, a very physical experience. The actors were so phenomenal!!! Adam Driver never lets me down, I adore that man! Topher Grace as Grand Wizard of the klan David Duke?! Actually really good. The whole time I was thinking these white actors, it must be so hard to say some of the awful things they were saying, playing a KKK member? I’d never do it, don’t care if I’m desperate. But they definitely played their parts well. And John David Washington did amazing. He was hilarious and serious, a great mixture.

I truly did enjoy this film and think it was very well made all around, just know it will take a lot out of you but I still think everyone should see it. This visceral experience may be what people need to open their eyes to the cruel world we are living in. It’s harsh and extreme, yes, it’s a Spike Lee film, but these violent and extreme thoughts and actions can be happening right under our noses.


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