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Updated: Mar 1

People. Get ready to be obsessed. I am OBSESSED.

I wholeheartedly adored the heck out of this movie. I am so sad that I am not watching it anymore and have to wait until May 24th to see it again. This was such a refreshing way to see a high school comedy film. Of course, the characters and the shenanigans they got into were over exaggerated as any other comedy film but there was still so much truth and honesty in each and every character and situation.

This film was SO perfectly casted and acted and I am just in love with and obsessed with every single person in this film. Beanie and Kaitlyn are perfect human beings and I couldn't see their roles given to anyone else. I am so happy and proud to see them leading this film, they are so deserving. The ensemble cast was just all around so hilarious and such a dream cast.

Most coming of age comedy films are over the top and over sexualized in that they are focused on getting the girl or getting laid and this film's focus was not on the intimate sexual relationships but rather the intimate and life-changing relationship between you and your friends or peers and just the teenage, human experience in general. They were navigating their way through figuring out their relationship with the people around them. I honestly wish I saw this film when I was in high school because it has given me a different perspective. One of my favorite aspects of this film is the fact that it shows that not everyone is what they seem. In high school, we know people by what other people call them or through rumors and not by actually talking to them and getting to know them. This film was all about realizing there is more to people than you think and we should stop judging each other and just respect each other. This is relevant not only throughout high school but just in all aspects of life. High school is just a place where your relationships with others is heightened because you are constantly surrounded by them but everyone can take away important life lessons from this film. I know when I was in high school I did not like a lot of people but I really did not know them at all. All I knew was basic high school stereotypes like that they were jocks or popular kids or stoners or the theater kids and never truly got to know them. These stereotypes that typical high school films or tv shows portray could be dangerous and lead us to judge others before getting to know them and I am just so glad that this film took those stereotypes and made them all lovable and deeper characters. We don't end up hating the typical hot blonde or the typical mean girl, our characters are real people.

I could go on forever about how much this film made me laugh and cry and provoke me to think deeper about the relationships and the life I am living. It is still important to be booksmart but to being smart is so much more than just getting into a seemingly perfect school, being smart is also about being compassionate and understanding and being able to enjoy yourself. This movie just left me feeling so warm and happy and hopeful. I feel so hopeful about the future of the film industry and teen comedies and life in general. This film made me want to reach out to people in high school who I may not have taken the time to get to know. Everyone is more than what they seem!

I love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so lucky to have seen an advance screening of this as well as see a Q&A with Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever. I am so so in love with them! So happy, so in love.

Go See It.



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