Boy Erased Film Review

I loved this film.

I did my best to avoid most critical reviews of this film and I'm very happy I did. I loved it and I find it to be so extremely important. First of all, Lucas Hedges. Need I say more? This brilliant, amazing young man is so talented and so good at every character I have ever seen him portray. I loved his character in this film so much, I cared about him so much. My two favorite aspects of this film were Lucas Hedges and Nicole Kidman. If they starred in every movie ever made the world would be a better place. They are both so captivating and important you can't help but be completely in awe of their performances.

Again, this film is so important. Whether you liked it or not, this story is important and I'm very happy it is being told and getting this much attention. It is a controversial topic but this film does not completely dismiss religion and isn't completely one-sided. The film shows us a story that is based on true events from someone who went through a conversion camp and shows us the wrongs of these methods and how you can't and shouldn't change who you are but also shows us that that doesn't mean your religion and relationship with God has to go away. This movie is not anti-God or anti-religion but rather pro-love and pro-being whoever you want to be/whoever you are. And this is a message that desperately needs to be heard and spread in our world.

It wasn't perfect, of course it wasn't, but I still found it to be heart-warming and effective. I cared about the characters and I loved them all but I feel as though they dipped into other characters very briefly and then kind of just left them there. This made it difficult to completely identify with and understand the other characters on a deeper level. I would just love to know more about Troye Sivan's character and Xavier Dolan's character (which hello Troye and Xavier, I forgot you were in this) and their emotional journey. They did this well with the character of Cameron, I just wished we got a little more emotion and insight from the other characters as well. It would have been great if we could conclude their lives and give the audience some closure as to what happened to them after this experience. Throughout the film we could get a tiny glimpse of their lives and fill in the dots but maybe a deeper dive would have been great. Also, Xavier (the character not Xavier Dolan). I don't understand when chronologically Lucas Hedges' character, Jared met Xavier, that was not very clear to me, and what happened with him! Did they never talk again, where did Xavier end up? I have so many questions but I did love the scene with Xavier, was just hoping for more or again, some closure.

All in all, as I was writing this, I found it hard to articulate why I loved this film and to come up with flaws. I'm not very religious and I'm straight so I couldn't identify as deeply as many other viewers but from an outsider's perspective I am just so glad this film is being seen and discussed and I'm glad there are other films that came out recently about this topic. According to the film there are still 36 states that allow conversion therapy, 36. I just hope people see this film with an open mind and open heart. I loved it and I hope everyone will get the chance to see it.


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