Halloween (2018) Film Review

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Where do I begin? I was *very* excited for this film to come out ever since I heard about it way back at the beginning of the year. I absolutely love horror films and Halloween is one of the most legendary and classic horror films to ever exist. Who hasn't heard of Michael Myers or heard the theme song played during Halloween? The mystery, the tension, the staging, the camera work, the Michael Myers, the SCORE! I haven't seen the original in forever and I have never seen the 1,000 other Halloween films but luckily this new version was supposedly 40 years after the 1978 film and ignores all the other films.

First of all, this was a very entertaining theater experience and I completely recommend watching it in a theater or with a group of people. Most horror films are even more enjoyable and entertaining when watched in groups because of the physical reactions that people express, one reason I love them so much. I did enjoy this and I did like it... I just didn't love it like I was hoping I would. There were many narrative and technical issues that I just couldn't look past. I was real hype for this and was ready to turn my critiquing lens off but it was too difficult to ignore. Before I begin complaining I feel the need to just add a little disclaimer in saying this is just my opinion and if you felt these aspects were effective that is totally a-ok!

My biggest and possibly the only huge complaint I have with this film is that there was not enough Laurie Strode! Not enough by a long shot! I thought the whole idea with this movie was that Laurie Strode would get back at Michael and we would see how she has been and what she has been doing but for the most part we are seeing other seemingly unimportant characters. They spent way too much time on Laurie's granddaughter and her high school escapades and not enough on Laurie or even Laurie's daughter. We see a very brief and very odd and unnecessary flashback sequence of Laurie's daughter's childhood but that is about as deep as we get. The editing of that flashback scene and some other scenes such as the scene in which the granddaughter finds Laurie's shot up mannequins is just edited so dramatically and quickly it took me out of the tension the film clearly was trying to emote and didn't provoke any emotion or fear from me.

I also found the characters of the two journalists to be quite useless. I believe the only reason they were in the film was to introduce the audience on where Michael and Laurie have been and give the filmmakers an excuse on how Michael got his mask back. The characters were in the film for such a short amount of time and they could have been more essential to helping us better understand the minds of Laurie and Michael but they just were not given much substance so I didn't care about them. There were other tiny details that I thought were silly and just thrown in there without much care like the drama with the granddaughters boyfriend and such but I think if these aspects were given either more time or just more thought and detail, they would have been more effective. I also may just secretly wish that Laurie was the only character the film focused on but I'll take what they gave us I guess! She was still the awesome badass we all had hoped for, I just hoped for more from her and less screen time on unimportant characters and scenarios.

There were parts of this film that I genuinely adored as well. When Michael walks down the street during the most active part of Halloween night, it is shown in one long shot and that part was done very effectively and very beautifully. If only the whole movie was choreographed as well as that scene. I also found that some of the deaths were really creative and cool, which I know it is strange to compliment how someone was killed but in this genre they've done it all so you need to be a little innovative. The death scene with the motion censored lights was also so well done technically and very effective and intriguing. It just felt as though every scene was directed and created by someone else. The pacing was all over the place and some scenes were fantastic and some weren't necessary. The ending was fun and what we all wanted but I was hoping the whole film would have the same suspense and Laurie-filled Michael hunting as the last 20-30 ish minutes.

All in all, I didn't hate this movie. I wouldn't dismiss it completely but I was not as satisfied as I was hoping I'd be. I still had so much fun with it and I'd still go see it just don't expect to see a masterpiece. It was just some good ol' Michael Myers, halloween fun!



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