Love, Simon Film Review

Updated: May 15, 2018

Wow, this film is so important.

I found tears in my eyes at way too many points of this film. Before I say anything, I just saw this a couple hours ago so this review may just be me gushing over it but these are my initial thoughts! I am just so happy. I completely, absolutely adored this film. Even from a straight female perspective I was completely invested in this film, this film is for everybody just like every other film ever made is for everyone even if you do not completely relate to the main character. Love, Simon is so important because heterosexual couples are media's go-to couple. Love, Simon is the first gay teen coming of age story to come from a major motion picture production company (20th Century Fox). Films like Call Me By Your Name and Brokeback Mountain have received a ton of recognition and are wonderful, well known films but the main audiences for those films are not your everyday middle schooler or high schooler. Both of those films are rated R while Love, Simon is PG-13. Pre-teens, teenagers, young adults or just absolutely anyone can see this film and finally see their childhood or themselves be represented on the screen. Simon is your average teenage boy just like in every other coming of age story about your average high schooler, but this story is for the percentage who have yet to see themselves on the big screen. I have already read reviews of Love, Simon where they are saying it inspired them to come out or at least feel more comfortable with who they are and showing that their lives will not completely change. Representation is so important especially during those awkward, odd years of adolescence and "finding yourself" you may feel alone, you may feel like you should not be feeling a certain way which can make the situation worsen. Love, Simon is giving kids hope and sharing their story to those who need to hear it. Love, Simon is showing that you are not alone and you can get through this. This film is so important for parents to see as well and for them to see what their child could be going through and that it is okay, nothing will change, your child is still your child. For ages, coming of age stories have been about straight, cisgender characters causing anyone from the LGBT+ community to have to experience the film from a hetero point of view or at least not see themselves, any heterosexual watching Love, Simon can now get a very small glimpse into what that could possibly feel like, even though there are still heterosexual couples in Love, Simon but hopefully you understand what I mean. Representation in media is important and essential.

I could go on forever about the importance of this film and how much I loved it. At first, I was scared this film was going to be cliche and completely cheesy and that would distract me from this importance but I became so invested and obsessed with Nick Robinson's character, Simon and then I fell in love with the rest of the film, I was able to ignore any cheesiness that I knew going into the film was bound to be there. Nick Robinson was amazing and believable, I completely felt for him and could feel and see his emotions. Wow. Well written and well acted film. When his mother confronted him after opening up, I had tears. That scene was so important for so many to hear. I could rave about this movie for so long. One issue I had with the film was the Martin character, this is a slight spoiler so please beware, and with what Martin did, the consequences could have been awful and we never really see him learn what he did was wrong, we see Simon yell at him and Martin try to help Simon at the end, but he really did not learn from his life-altering move. Martin needed more than a slap on the hand, I liked what Simon said to him but Martin just did not seem to get it and that may just be his character but for the sake of the audience we need to let people know how dangerous this situation could have been and for Martin to understand why. Most of the other characters and actions were believable and relatable, not necessarily every teenager's life is like Simons, with his supportive parents and friends and humongous house but the film still made it relatable to any teenager in high school with his personal journey and secret. I am a huge fan of coming of age stories because I feel as though high school and being a teenager were such important and influential years where you think you know yourself and your classmates but everyone was going through something and coming of age films help us learn that perspective, that essentially growing up is tough on everybody. For the sake of how much I was entertained throughout this film I did not focus on the film outside of the story. I was to invested to notice the camera work and such but there was nothing that took me out of the film much so I would just sit back and relax and let this film happen, take it all in and ignore the possible cheesiness or cliches, enjoy it, learn from it, tell everyone you know to go see it. I love this film. More films like this please.


You get to exhale now, Simon. You get to be more you than you have been in, in a very long time. You deserve everything you want.


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