My Top 20 Films of 2019

Updated: Mar 1

One of my favorite parts of the new year is posting my favorite films of the past year and then seeing other people's favorite films of the year and then either judging their picks or becoming self-conscious about mine but then I remember that who cares it is just my opinion and then I get mad at myself for caring so much and then I become confused as to why this is the most important thing to me. Just so fun!

Anyways enjoy my list that I definitely haven't been second guessing or anything. This is simply a ranking of the films I enjoyed the most. Woo!

20. Les Misérables

19. Ready Or Not

18. The Last Black Man in San Francisco

17. Hustlers

16. Us

15. High Life

14. Marriage Story

13. Uncut Gems

12. Midsommar

11. The Lighthouse

10. Knives Out

9. Jojo Rabbit

8. Greener Grass

7. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

6. Honey Boy

5. Parasite

4. Little Women

3. The Farewell

2. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

1. Booksmart


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