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Updated: Mar 1

Where do I begin?

Awards season is one long season, this season in particular felt like it was never ending. Now, I get really into the Academy Awards, I always have. I know they really aren't that important and pretty problematic but within the last few years I have become very invested in the nominations and keeping up with all the industry news. This Academy Awards had me more frightened than most. It is difficult to rap my brain around the awards show because just because a film doesn't get nominated or win an award doesn't make it any less wonderful but the Academy Awards have become such a prestigious and widely viewed by the general public award show that what wins here, is what is going to be talked about and appreciated for years to come. Unfortunately, for audience members who aren't active in the film community, they may not go out of their way to watch Blackkklansman or If Beale Street Could Talk because those films didn't win enough awards or didn't win Best Picture. I was very happy with some of the winners tonight but others disappointed me and left me feeling a little discouraged for the future of the Academy Awards.

Previous best picture winners like Moonlight and The Shape of Water, are both extremely unique stories and beautifully crafted films. I have not seen Green Book so my opinion of the film is from what I have heard other people say, which I know makes my opinion invalid but from what I've heard their opinions speak louder than mine ever would. Green Book has been said to be an inaccurate representation of racism in America made by a white majority, basically a story of racism told from a white perspective. Again, I have not seen the film so I feel I shouldn't say much but to have a film that so many black Americans are disappointed in and especially the Shirley family, who the story was based on, wasn't happy with the depiction, win the best picture is disappointing. From an outsiders perspective, at least the film was tackling an important issue in America then and now but a white perspective on racism won over the black perspective which is the perspective that is actually being directly affected by this racism. Now, again, I did not see Green Book so I don't really have an opinion on the film itself besides the context and just because a story is told from a black perspective may not make it an "Oscar" winning film. But to me, when a film wins Best Picture, it should be a film that represents our society and is impactful to our current society. The best picture of the year is completely opinion based so the winner shouldn't matter but to have a film go down as the best picture of 2018, I would just hope that the film that wins wasn't a film that made a huge majority of its viewers unhappy and feel falsely represented. The films director, who I can't even remember the name of, also was not up for best director which apparently has not happened since the 1930s. I am just surprised by the win but, again, these awards do not make any other films less valid and Green Book may be a well made film but I am just disappointed and feel for the people that Green Book offended.

There were obviously many awards that I am extremely happy and excited about like Olivia Colman who shocked me by beating Glenn Close. I feel awful for Glenn Close but Olivia Colman is such a light and her performance was hilarious and aggressive and lovely and I'm so dang happy for her. She also gave the cutest and most heart-warming speech I've probably ever seen. Roma won three completely deserving awards, Regina King won a completely deserved Oscar, Spike Lee (finally) won adapted screenplay for Blackkklansman, Black Panther's won twice, Shallow had to win best song or I was really going to lose all my faith and trust in the Oscars (which had a very intimate performance to say the least). All in all, this award season was a tad disappointing with the controversies and now wins of Green Book and obviously Bohemian Rhapsody which I didn't even tackle here because there is a lot to unpack with that (like the film winning best editing... how did that happen?!) but even though this year had its ups and downs, I still enjoyed the show and am happy with some of the wins.

ALSO: This year THREE women directors won an Oscar, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi for documentary feature, Domee Shi for animated short and Rayka Zehtabchi for documentary short!!!!!!

This leaves me feeling hopeful and happy for the future of film but also very much ready to put this Oscars behind us and move on!

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