Truth or Dare Film Review

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Why do I put myself through these films? This years The Bye Bye Man perhaps?

Truth or Dare is your average unrealistic teen filled possession gone wrong horror film. Full of, in this case, college aged students who are very hard to relate to and care about because of how over dramatic they are and how unrealistically they handle situations and relationships. For example, why would you play truth or dare in a creepy abandoned church because a random guy you met at a bar told you to? Especially when he said he was taking you to a club or at least alluded to that. Why on Earth would you stay there and not automatically try to leave, what good would come out of staying in a dark abandoned church with a stranger? Why would he take you there? Wouldn't you question his intentions? I know horror films almost need stupid characters, or at least feel the need to add them, to get the story going but c'mon Lucy Hale, why are you trusting this man? You're suppose to be the reasonable and goody two shoes character in this film. I just can't imagine a real life situation where anyone would not question this situation. Also, someone from their school, Ronnie, who just happened to be in the same place in Mexico that they go to for spring break and we never see who he is actually with or who he is general, just follows them to this church? They never notice someone following them. It is clearly shown they go through this dark forest place to get there and Ronnie followed them without being seen? Why would he follow them? After awhile he must of realized they were not going to a club? Who is this man!?

This movie by no means is realistic, even besides the horror and paranormal aspects, and if this was not a horror film, I would have turned it off right from the first scene. Unfortunately, I have a weird love and obsession of horror films so I watched the whole thing and I honestly do not regret it. Yes, this film was not well made or even well acted. I had many issues with the dialogue (again being unrealistic as heck) and with how the film handled situations in general. The one gay character, who is played by Hayden Szeto from The Edge of Seventeen, all he ever talked about was that he was gay and scared to come out to his dad. Obviously, I have nothing against that aspect but all he talked about was being gay. Gay is not a personality, I had no idea who he was outside of being gay and having a cop for a father. No personality, they tried to make him the funny and clever one with the very few lines he had but almost every single line had to do with him being gay.

I do not want to put in any spoilers because I don't want to spoil anything to people who do not want to know but the ending was interesting. I am indifferent, I kind of liked the ending but also it was kind of rude and uncalled for? And confuses me about what the point of this film was. Horror films by no means need to have meaningful messages or happy endings but this film was all about secrets and friendships and clearly geared towards teens, where most teen films have some sort of message. Also one of the first truth or dare questions was a moral dilemma which was would you rather have their group killed and save all of Mexico or would you rather kill all of Mexico but the group survives. This sets up a theme that the film clearly was trying to tackle but with the ending, I'm not so sure it was a very positive way to handle things and very out of character for Lucy Hale.

I have so much to talk about with this film but I did enjoy it because for some reason I just love horror films, sucky or not. Even the suckiest of horror films, I still find myself having a great time, either making fun of it or just enjoying the horror. This film was not scary at all in my opinion but not much scares me anymore. I wouldn't say do not watch this but just do not watch this expecting to get an all around well made horror film, watch it for entertainment purposes.

Disclaimer: I hate dissing films and I try to give every film the benefit of the doubt but this was one made it a little tricky.



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