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Updated: Feb 26, 2018

Valentine’s Day, one of the, if not the most love to hate holidays out there. Whether you want to admit it or not it is a Hallmark holiday and love should be spread everyday. But if you are in the Valentine’s mood or want to pretend you are in the Valentine's mood here are some films to help with that! Or here are films about love you can watch anytime of the year! Love should be spread everyday!

Moulin Rouge! (2001) Baz Luhrmann

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Moulin Rouge! is the definition of love. This film takes the idea of love and makes you feel as though you can not live without it. "All you need is love." Ewan McGregor's character, Christian, believes in love and only love. The amount of love he gives to Nicole Kidman's character, Satine, is almost unimaginable. If only there were more Christian's out there.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999) Gil Junger

But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

10 Things I Hate About You is not just about love but being a teenager and dealing with relationships and life in general. Heath Ledger is also an amazing human being and that should be enough to see this. This is an important film to me that happens to have a beautiful, little love story mixed in.

The Apartment (1960) Billy Wilder

You hear what I said, Miss Kubelik? I absolutely adore you.

The amount of love and admiration Jack Lemmon's character, Bud, has for Shirley MacLaine's character, Fran is insane. He is one of the nicest, funniest characters I have seen on screen and how much he takes care of and puts Fran before himself is just beautiful. This film is a definite must see for all.

True Romance (1993) Tony Scott're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool.

Not into the mushy, gushy romance films but still want a little piece of them? True Romance is for you! This Quentin Tarantino written craze fest is very entertaining while still having powerful love intertwined. Who doesn't want to see Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette fall in love and go crazy?

Heathers (1988) Michael Lehmann

Our love is God, let's go get a Slushy.

Considering Heathers is one of my favorite movies of all time I am a little biased but J.D. and Veronica are a love story that you will both adore and despise. It is a messed up, beautiful relationship and I don't want to spoil anymore. Plus Christian Slater and Winona Ryder. Enough said.

A Cinderella Story (2004) Mark Rosman

Because waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing.

This is an essential 2000's teen film that every single human being should see. No but this film is adorable and honestly a wonderful film if you put the cliches aside. If you want a love story, this is a love story that will give you goosebumps. The ending scene at the football game is enough to bring tears to the eyes.

Call Me By Your Name (2017) Luca Guadagnino

Call me by your name and I'll call you by mine.

This hidden love is so pure and emotional and Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet both portray that love so realistically and beautifully. You will become completely invested in their love and admiration of each other. This is one of the best, most pure love stories I have seen in ages. I could rave about this film forever.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) Michel Gondry

Why do I fall in love with every woman I see who shows me the least bit of attention?

This is an unconventional take on your average love story. This film is about heartbreak and the idea of erasing a relationship from your mind altogether. For Clementine and Joel, this process does not work how they wanted it to. This is an interesting and beautiful movie about falling in and out of love.

13 Going on 30 (2004) Gary Winick

You want to know a secret? You're the sweetest guy I've ever met.

This is just the cutest film I have ever seen. Not only is the love between Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Gardner real and precious but the film in general has many important themes. Female power and loving yourself are important concepts that is important on Valentine's day and every single day of the year.

But I'm A Cheerleader (1999) Jamie Babbit

I'm not supposed to like you.

Female director! Yay! This entertaining and atheistically pleasing film is about challenging norms and following your heart. This a fun film about a very serious topic that all should see. Just so darn wonderful and cute! Love is love is love is love is love is love.

Love, Rosie (2014) Christian Ditter

Rosie Dunne, can I take you to the dance?

Rosie and Alex have always been best friends and clearly in love with each other but it takes the whole film for them both to realize it. This film shares a beautiful friendship and blossoming relationship and many other beautiful relationships that you just have to watch to see. This is a cutesy, fun Valentine's film.

The Fault in Our Stars (2014) Josh Boone

I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all doomed. And that one day all our labor will be returned to dust. And I know that the sun will swallow the only earth we will ever have. And I am in love with you.

The love between these two is one of the most pure and beautiful loves I have seen and will ever see. This is the love we all dream of. This movie will tear you up in the best and worst way possible. Their love gives me so many goosebumps and so much hope that a love this pure can be possible.


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