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Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Your favorite movies define you.

Especially if you are someone who invests way too much time into watching and admiring movies but even if you don't, theres always a film that changes you. Ask anybody what their favorite films are and you will learn more about them then you ever thought you would by just a simple question. Some films may have a story or a memory attached, some films provoke a feeling or emotion that person longs or loves to feel, some films make people feel empowered or inspired, some films may just have a great cast or soundtrack you love, some films tell stories that are important to us or create worlds that we want to escape to. Films interpret how we see reality or how we want to see reality. When you ask people what their favorite movies are they usually can come up with multiple answers but find it very difficult to pick just one. We can't just pick one because every movie holds a different meaning and feeling and it can be very difficult to pick one meaning or feeling over another one. One of your favorite films may make you long for love and further your belief that love exists, while you may love another film may that makes you laugh and cheer you up when you are down. It is pretty hard to choose between these feelings because many times our love of a film depends on our mood or our beliefs or our current circumstances. I may looking too deep into our favorite films and some people may argue, "I just like it because it is funny!" or "I like the actor/actress in it!", which we all can admit to saying but when a film really speaks to you, it speaks to you for a reason. This can be said about any favorite form of art, your favorite song or painting or television show or book, they all say something about you and can even say something about your ideals or your aspirations or your inner thoughts and feelings. Basically, films are so important even if you do not think they are! They have the ability to alter thoughts and change perspectives! They can completely transform you and let you see the world from someone else's shoes! They allow you to escape reality and just enjoy yourself without any outside stress! When you choose to watch a certain movie over and over again, it is obviously important to you and ultimately becomes a part of you.

Your favorite movies define you.


Here are some of my favorite movies!

*You may be thinking I wrote all that just so I can now gush about my favorite films, which I do love to do, but I am going to try to dig deep and understand why I love these films so much. I challenge you to do the same.

But also you should watch all these, just saying.

Donnie Darko (2001) Dir. Richard Kelly

If I had to choose a top, number one, favorite movie of all time, it would definitely be Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko holds such a special place in my heart and it makes me just so happy. I adore truly every aspect of this film, it's beautiful cinematography and production design, it's amazing 80s soundtrack, it's perfect cast (how could you not love Jake Gyllenhaal), it's comedic aspects mixed with tragic aspects mixed with science fiction and slight horror/creepy thriller vibes mixed with some romance mixed with a coming of age story, it is just everything I love in a film mushed into one film. The first time I watched this film, I thought I was going to hate it because I thought the bunny looked weird and that was all I knew about it. But when I sat down and gave it a try my mind was completely blown apart. I could talk about this movie forever, I may write about it in it's own post actually, so for now I would just like to say to give this film a try. It is one of those films that you will want to watch over and over because the story is so outrageous and interesting and you just can't watch it once. I love when films mess with your mind and make you have to dive really deep to find it's meaning (as you'll see with some other favorites of mine). I love when after I watch a film, it does not leave my head for days after. I love Donnie Darko for the million reasons I listed above but also just because I love Donnie's character and his mind and I hope to make a film like this one day. I could watch this movie everyday and love it more and more every single time.

Stand By Me (1986) Dir. Rob Reiner

Ok people, this one hits me hard. When I first watched this film, I was bored. I liked it and saw how other people liked it but I was just bored! Once I gave it another chance, wow, I was completely invested. In my sophomore year of high school, I was obsessed with 80s films, as many millennials seem to be, I went though a period where I watched almost every Corey Haim and Corey Feldman movie (especially when they were in a movie together) so that is why I decided to watch this movie. After finally appreciating this film for all it is, I fell in love with the Chris Chambers character played by River Phoenix and people, I fell hard. River Phoenix became one of my favorite people on the planet and one of my biggest role models. Stand By Me is my personal favorite film that River has done because his character is so strong and wise and I just look up to him so much. The four boys are all so lovable and relatable, this is my favorite coming of age film (and I love coming of age films) because of how genuine these characters are even if they are living in the late 1950s, they're still relatable. The film follows the four boys for the most part so we really get to know them and their friendship. I love watching people grow up and learn and hearing them go through similar situations I've been through or feelings I've felt. I adore these boys and this film and River Phoenix with my entire heart.

Heathers (1988) Dir. Michael Lehmann

I get very passionate about my favorite films so forgive me for sounding like a broken record but this film is so special to me! This is one of those films that I put on when I am in a bad mood and it always, without a doubt, cheers me up. I just love coming of age, especially high school, films so that aspect I already adore but also this film takes such a dark turn on your average high school film, it is wonderful. Winona Ryder and Christian Slater are two of my favorite actors ever and honestly I'm obsessed with them both. This film made me fall so hard for Christian Slater and his character JD most specifically, I know I shouldn't but I couldn't help it. This movie is so well written and well acted and the costumes and sets are so fun and unique, you know it is Heathers just by looking at one of the characters costumes. This film was made into a successful musical recently, which I also am in love with, and now apparently a TV show. My love of Heathers and the Heathers characters and world will never end. This movie is just so comfortable to me.

Mulholland Drive (2001) Dir. David Lynch

I would say, David Lynch is my favorite film/tv director and just pretty much favorite creative mind out there. I love most of David's films but Mulholland Drive is one that completely stuck with me and is one of the only films to literally never leave my head for a long, long time after watching it. After my first viewing, I watched it around 2-3 more times in a short amount of time (this film is about 3 hours long, quite a long commitment). I do not want to spoil any part because I feel this film is an experience you should encounter with an open mind and no expectations. There are parts of this film that just do not seem to make sense but then you may see something in a different light after another viewing or reading various theories about the film, I find that to be so exciting, that everyone can see something differently and there are so many parts of this film to study and examine. I love discussing this film and I love the inner workings of David Lynch's mind.

The Lost Boys (1987) Dir. Joel Schumacher

I watched this film when I was going through my 80s obsession and most specifically my Corey Haim and Corey Feldman obsession. The first time I watched this film was with my mom and now every time I watch it, I go back to that memory and it makes me feel comforted and happy. This vampire-infested film has one of my favorite soundtracks to any film ever. Not only are there great 80s songs but also songs made for the film such as Lost in the Shadows and Cry Little Sister. The music just really sets the tone and atmosphere of the creepy and cool California setting. The song, written by The Doors, People Are Strange, plays at the beginning of the film and could not explain the setting more or really what you are in for for the rest of the film any better. I love Corey Haim's character, his innocence, smart wit, and his funky outfits are so entertaining. I think I weirdly have a special place in my heart for vampires as well. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of my favorite television shows of all time and honestly that is probably a big part on why this movie is so special to me. The vampires in this movie and in Buffy seem similar to me probably because they were both made around the same time and involve young children and teenagers. A nice coming of age and vampire tale is my cup of tea!


Throughout this past week I asked many of my friends and family, people I feel like I know well, what their favorite films are to test this "idea", that their movies will tell me more about them. As I heard their answers, I realized I knew most of their answers already because many of these films I now associate with that particular person which makes me love and appreciate the film even more. Many of them also could not just pick one film but rather listed many meaningful films. As they were telling me their answers I began to realize why those films were so special to them and some even told me without asking why they loved a certain film. Whether it was because it was a film they loved from their childhood or because they love the world the film creates or because the film inspires them or comforts them or teaches them lessons and viewpoints. There are endless reasons to love a film and every person has their own special and unique memories and emotions attached to films.

Here are some of my friends and families favorite films!!!!

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